FAQ's For online shopping

Question 1: How do I proceed to buy the merchandise?

Answer 1: Select the quantity, then the sizes and last but not least select the colour (remember that the minimum order in total must not be less than 10). Then proceed by clicking the submit button.

Question 2: What happens after I have pressed the submit button?

Answer 2: You are directed to the shopping cart page where you will see exactly what you have ordered. This will include the quantity, colours, and also the price. You will notice that you will still be able to change each section. Hereafter you must click on the checkout button and you will be directed to the checkout page

Question 3: What happens after I have pressed the checkout button?

Answer 3: You are now on the checkout page where you need to fill in all your details, regarding delivery as well as your contact details. When all your details are filled in correctly click on the PAY button, which will redirect you to the details you filled in as well as the items you are purchasing.

Question 4: What happens after I have pressed the PAY button?

Answer 4: You are now almost finished purchasing your items. On this page you will notice that all your details and items you want to purchase are displayed in front of you. Click on the pay button where you will be directed to the secure payment interface website.

Question 5: Where am I now?

Answer 5: You are now on the Netcash website (Secure Payment Interface) where you must enter your banking details to finalise the payment. Your total amount will also display on the page. After you have entered all your personal details, select the submit button. Hereafter the invoice will be emailed to your inbox, whereafter we will contact you in order to discuss further arrangements.